Registering Your Mod With Beacon
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Mod developers can add their engrams to Beacon's built-in database of engrams.

At the moment, registering your mod with Beacon can only be done from within the Beacon app. In the future, it will be possible to do this from the website as well.

The process is pretty straightforward:

  1. Use Beacon to add the mod using the mod id.
  2. Confirm ownership of the mod.
  3. List engrams.

Once a mod is listed with Beacon, the document browser will be able to inform users that a document requires your mod, and you'll get a url to show a searchable list of just your mod's engrams with spawn codes. This means you could link your spawn codes from Steam and maintain that list in one place.

Use Beacon to Add the Mod Using the Mod ID

In Beacon, click the Tools icon in the Library drawer.

The tools icon looks like a wrench and screwdriver forming an X

In the Tools list, double-click the Mods item. Press the "+" button in the bottom left to begin. Enter the full url to the mod on Steam, or just the mod id to begin. Your mod will show in the left list. When selected, you'll be informed you need to confirm ownership of the mod.

Confirm Ownership of the Mod

You will see a string of letters and numbers. This string needs to temporarily be inserted onto the mod's Steam page. Anywhere is fine, even invisible. Once the string has been inserted, click the "Confirm Ownership" button and Beacon will scan the page source for that string. Once confirmed, you can remove the string.

List Engrams

With mod ownership confirmed, you can begin listing your mod's engrams. This can be done in Beacon or automatically over the internet.

Maintaining Engrams in Beacon

The "+" and "-" buttons in the lower left will add or remove rows. Beacon needs to know the full path, label, and compatibility of each engram added.

In the bottom right are also "Import File" and "Import URL" buttons. In both cases, Beacon will scan the content for cheat/spawn codes. So if you've already published a list of spawn codes for your engrams, this is a great starting point.

Once the engrams list looks to your liking, press the "Publish" button in the center and you're done. Your mod items will be available to other Beacon users on their next relaunch.

Maintaining Engrams Automatically

Beacon can pull a list of engrams daily if more convenient. Simply select the mod and press the gear button at the bottom. In the Engrams URL box, put the full url to a file containing a list of your engrams in JSON or CSV format. Engrams added, deleted, or changed will be pulled in Beacon within 24 hours.

The file format is listed as part of the Pull API documentation.

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