Updating Your Server With FTP
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Your changes have been made and it's time to get them to your server. Here's how to do it using Beacon's FTP deploy option.

If your server supports FTP (File Transfer Protocol) then Beacon can connect to your server and make changes for you. Beacon supports password-based FTP, FTP with TLS/SSL, and SFTP.

Using FTP to update your server does not affect command line options, and can not start, stop, or restart your server.

1. Stop the Servers That Will Be Updated

Use your host's control panel to stop the server completely before continuing to the next step.

2. Click the Deploy Button

The deploy button is in the toolbar and looks like a rocket ship

If your deploy button is disabled, you need to first link your server to your file. See Importing an Existing Config for more details.

3. Choose Servers to be Updated

Choose the servers that should be updated

4. Press Begin

Beacon will download your current Game.ini and GameUserSettings.ini files and make changes while preserving the rest of their contents.

5. Start Your Servers

When Beacon is finished, you're ready to start your servers back up again.

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