Using Beacon with Ark Single Player
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Beacon works with Ark in single player, and here's how to find the config files for each platform.

Beacon is fully able to work with the Game.ini and GameUserSettings.ini files on the three PC versions of the game, but the console versions of the game provide no access to the single player ini files. The only difficulty is finding the ini files on the system.

Import the ini files

Start by following these instructions to import the current ini files into Beacon. Use the "Single Player, Local Files, or Copy + Paste" option and choose the ini files according to the instructions below.

These instructions will help users find the Game.ini file. In all cases, the GameUserSettings.ini file can be found next to the Game.ini file.

Steam on Windows

The most common location of the ini files is C:\​Program Files (x86)\​Steam\​steamapps\​ARK\​ShooterGame\​Saved\​Config\​WindowsNoEditor\​Game.ini. However, users who have installed Steam onto a different drive, have multiple Steam library folders, or are using a 32-bit system will find some differences. The easiest way to find Ark's files is to select Steam in the library, use the gear icon at the right edge of the screen, choose the "Manage" option, can choose "Browse local files." This will open Windows Explorer to Ark's folder inside its Steam library folder. Navigate to ShooterGame\​Saved\​Config\​WindowsNoEditor\​Game.ini.

Users can easily find their Ark files on Steam using the "Browse local files" option.

Steam on Mac

The Mac version of Ark through Steam always keeps its Game.ini file at ~/​Library/​Preferences/​ShooterGame/​MacNoEditor/​Game.ini. The easiest way to find this folder is to use the "Go to Folder" option inside Finder's "Go" menu, and entering ~/​Library/​Preferences/​ShooterGame/​MacNoEditor.

Windows Store

Using Beacon with the Windows Store version of Ark is not supported at this time. This version of the game uses a non-standard version of the Game.ini file that Beacon cannot support correctly, even with its latest Windows Store Compatibility setting.

The Windows Store version of Game.ini is always %LocalAppData%\​Packages\​StudioWildcard.4558480580BB9_1w2mm55455e38\​LocalState\​Saved\​UWPConfig\​UWP\​Game.ini. The easiest way to get to this folder is to open a new file browser, click the path bar at the top of the window, and enter %LocalAppData%\​Packages\​StudioWildcard.4558480580BB9_1w2mm55455e38\​LocalState\​Saved\​UWPConfig\​UWP. Users may also simply enter %LocalAppData% and navigate through the rest of the folders manually.

Epic Games Store

The default location for Game.ini for the Epic Games Store version of Ark is C:\​Epic Games\​ARKSurvivalEvolved\​ShooterGame\​Saved\​Config\​WindowsNoEditor\​Game.ini. However, users who have installed Epic to a different location will need to adjust this path accordingly.


Beacon's deploy button The deploy button looks like a rocket should be used to near-instantly update both ini files. Be sure to do this with the game stopped. Be aware that any changes to the setup sliders when starting the server will change the ini files, though Ark should only change the settings actually changed, leaving the rest of the settings alone.

A warning about single player settings

Ark uses adjusted multipliers in single player mode. See for the specific changes. Beacon computes values for multiplayer servers, so certain calculations such as breeding times and stat multipliers will be wrong. Users can try adding bUseSingleplayerSettings=False to the Game.ini section of Beacon's Custom Config Content editor, however Ark usually turns the setting back on.

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