Loot Drops Are Not Working As Intended
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Here are some things to check when loot drops do not have the changes you expect.

There are two common reasons why loot drops are not working as intended:

Not All Loot Sources Have Been Customized

When you've set your server's map in Beacon, Beacon will show only loot sources used by the map. Since Ragnarok uses a lot of loot sources, Beacon's list feels pretty full so it may not be obvious that the drops for both The Island and Scorched Earth need to be customized.

Similarly, Valguero uses drops from The Island, Scorched Earth, and Aberration.

Minimums and Maximums Have Are Not Set Correctly

Take a look at the Loot Drops guide for a refresher on all the options. Specifically, you're looking for the Min Item Sets, Max Item Sets, Min Entries, and Max Entries values. For example, if you want your drop to always contain all item sets, make sure Min Item Sets is at least equal to the number of item sets in the drop. Make sure to utilize the Simulator, found at the top of the Item Sets column, to preview your settings.

If the Add Item Sets to Default option is enabled, Beacon's default item set weights are much higher than the weights Ark's default loot users. This means they will almost always be selected before the default item sets. Consider drop your item set weights to between 0.0 and 1.0. Finding weights that work well with the default item sets will require some trial and error.

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