Some Drops Are Edited, Others Are Not
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There are two common reasons why loot drop settings are only partially effective.

Not All Loot Sources Have Been Customized

When you've set your server's map in Beacon, Beacon will show only loot sources used by the map. Since Ragnarok uses a lot of loot sources, Beacon's list feels pretty full so it may not be obvious that the drops for both The Island and Scorched Earth need to be customized.

Similarly, Valguero uses drops from The Island, Scorched Earth, and Aberration.

Using Nitrado's Extra Game.ini Content or Engine Settings Fields

For many advanced config changes, these fields are appropriate. But they are limited to only 65,535 characters, which is not enough space for a loot drop config. That's only enough for 2-3 average drops.

Worse, there are tutorials out there that explicitly say to use these fields for loot drops. Sorry to say, but they're wrong. You'll need to enable Nitrado's Expert Mode. Read more about the right way to update a server's config files in the section Getting Config Files to Your Server.

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