Engrams Pull API

Rather than using Beacon's UI or API, there is a third way to maintain a list of engrams for a mod: pull.

This option allows developers to host a file on any server of their choosing and updated it whenever and however they choose. The Beacon server will pull the file daily and synchronize its engrams database using the content of the file. The engrams for the mod in question will be updated to exactly match the file's contents, meaning missing engrams will be removed.

Getting Started

To begin, developers have two options:

  1. Either set the pull_url key of the mod structure to the url.
  2. Use Beacon's Developer Tools to set the url. Go to the mods section and select the mod. Use the settings icon at the bottom of the list and set the url there.

File Format

Developers can choose to provide the data one of the following formats. The server must reply with a 200 status and provide the correct Content-Type header.


Content-Type: application/json

This file content is identical to the engram.php POST method content. The mod_id key is optional, but will be ignored if provided.

    "class": "Prefix_MyEngram_C",
    "label": "My Engram",
    "availability": [
    "can_blueprint": true


Content-Type: text/csv

The CSV file must contain a header row. The columns must match the engram structure. The mod_id key is optional, but will be ignored if provided. The availability column may be a comma-separated string.

"Prefix_MyEngram_C","My Engram","Island,Scorched","true"


If there are any errors, Beacon will send back a POST to the url with the form values mod_id and message. All processing will halt at the first error.