Day and Night Cycle
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Ark allows server admins to control the speed of the days and nights individually.

Beacon's Day and Night Cycle editor

Users may edit any of the four fields. For example, increasing the Night Time Multiplier from 1 to 2 will update the Night Time Result from 20 to 40 minutes. Adjusting the Night Time Result back down to 20 will set the Night Time Multiplier to 1.

The Full Cycle value displays the total time it will take to complete one 24-hour cycle in the game.

Server admins interested in making their in-game days last one real time day might use 960 minutes for day and 480 minutes for night, equalling 1,440 total minutes.

Aberration Seasons

Aberration day and night length are based on 10-day "seasons." Days ending in 0-3 are more balanced, days ending in 4-6 have much longer days, and days ending in 7-9 have much longer nights. Like before, the lengths can be adjusted, but affect the global day and night multipliers. It is not possible to adjust season lengths individually.

This editor affects the following Ark config keys: DayCycleSpeedScale, DayTimeSpeedScale, and NightTimeSpeedScale
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