Levels and XP
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Ark allows server admins to change the amount of experience players and tamed dinos need for each level, as well as the number of levels they are able to earn.

This feature requires Beacon Omni. All users may use the feature, but only Omni users will be able to generate the Ark config lines from it.

The Basics

Leveling is always sequential. Since players start at level 1, pressing the New Level button will bring up an editor to edit the next level, which would be 2.

This dialog is used for defining the next level in the chain.

The Set Experience for Level dialog will show you which level you are defining, the XP amount of the last level as Min XP and the maximum XP as Max XP. Ark has a limit of 2,147,483,647 XP. Bad things happen if you try to use a greater value, so Beacon will prevent you from doing so.

Setting XP For Level to 5 and pressing OK will put the level into the list. Clicking the New Level button again will allow you to define level 3.


At the time of this writing, Ark reserves the final 50 levels for ascension, earned by defeating bosses. Beacon will show you which levels are locked by ascension in the Ascension Required column. You will not be able to export or deploy until enough levels have been defined to cover ascension.

Using the Wizard

Clicking the Auto Levels will bring up the Experience Wizard which allows you to define a number of levels at once.

This dialog allows you to define many levels at the same time.

Similar to the Set Experience for Level dialog, this dialog will show you which level you'll be defining next as the Starting Level field. In Additional Levels you would decide how many additional levels you want to be adding. When doing so, the Ending Level field will update. And Additional XP is the amount of experience in addition to the previous experience. The list below will show exactly which experience will be assigned to each level.

The curve editor on the right allows you to adjust how the experience is distributed. By default, the line is linear. This means adding 100 XP over 10 levels would increment each by 10.

By dragging the blue circles, you can influence how the value in Additional XP is distributed to the levels in Additional Levels. Use the values in the list to preview the outcome.

Dragging the blue circle in the lower left all the way to the right changes the curve to make it easier to start, and require more experience at higher levels.

Tweaking the Defaults

Pressing the Load Defaults button will load Ark's default experience values. If you've already defined levels, Beacon will ask if you want to replace what you've already done with the defaults.

This way, you can add additional levels to the defaults, or make adjustments.

Tamed Creatures

Click the Tames tab up top switches the editor to tamed creatures. Tamed creatures have no ascension, and the values chosen decide the number of levels after taming they are able to earn.

This editor affects the following Ark config keys: LevelExperienceRampOverrides, OverrideMaxExperiencePointsDino, and OverrideMaxExperiencePointsPlayer
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