Beacon main window

Over 295 loot drops and counting

Beacon knows them all, so you can get going quicker

Normal drops, cave crates, boss loot, beaver dams… whatever you want to change. Plus support for custom loot drops, such as those provided by mod maps or not officially supported by Ark. Plus, Beacon has support for an additional 602 unofficial loot drops, such as the Orbital Supply Drop events and creature inventories.

No need to start from scratch

Unless you want to, that's cool too

Beacon has a library of community-maintained documents, both in-app and on the web, ready to be deployed to your own server.

Beacon also has a library of templates for smaller chunks of the loot config process. This makes it easy to include a curated selection of items in your drops without all the work of starting from scratch.

Easiest, most reliable way to configure a server

Works directly with Nitrado servers

For users hosted with Nitrado, Beacon can handle the entire configuration process automatically. It will start and stop the server, change settings, create backups, and update files as needed to ensure your server - or a whole cluster of servers - are configured correctly. And it can do it while you get a coffee.

Not with Nitrado? No problem, Beacon supports FTP, FTP with TLS, and SFTP servers too. While it can't restart the server for you, it can still update your files automatically.

No FTP either? Copy & Paste to the rescue. Simply copy your entire config file, and with a single click, Beacon will update your config so you can paste it back where it needs to go.

And of course, you can just save the config files to your computer too, which is great for single player.

Takes user privacy seriously

No analytics, heavy encryption, true anonymity, and fully open source

Config files contain server passwords. So Beacon encrypts those with your own 4096-bit RSA private key. FTP credentials or Nitrado access tokens? Yep, those too. That private key enables Beacon's cloud features too, yet you don't even need to setup an account! For users who choose to create an account, even your email address is stored as a one-way hash! Beacon and the Beacon API take special care to enable true privacy and user data protection.

Plus mods and more

Painlessly add engrams, loot drops, creatures, and spawn points from any mod

Users wanting to add mod items to their loot drops only need a list of the admin spawn codes. Give Beacon the link to the web page with the codes, or copy & paste them, and Beacon can do the rest. No special formatting required, Beacon will scour the content for spawn codes.

Mod authors can also add support for their mod directly to Beacon. The items show up to all Beacon users automatically, and Beacon will also maintain a spawn codes page just for your mod. For example, here is the spawn codes for Super Structures. The engrams list can be updated at any time from within Beacon, or Beacon's API can pull the engrams list from your own server (or Steam page) every few hours.

Recent Updates

  • Beacon Now Available
    This is a bug fix update primarily to allow Beacon to detect Xbox Palworld servers.
  • Beacon 2.2.0 Now Available
    This major update improves item stat limits, dino spawn weights, mod organization, and more.
  • Beacon Now Available
    This update has some minor new features and bug fixes.
  • The Center for Ark Ascended content is live in Beacon.
    The Center is now a selectable map in Beacon's map picker, plus the Shastasaurus and Pyromane have been added.
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