Beacon 1.3 Availability and Ark: Genesis Plans

Beacon's next major version, 1.3, is currently in beta and nearing completion. The current schedule is to release Beacon 1.3 on January 21st.

Beacon 1.3 brings three new free editors available to all users: Day and Night Cycle, Player and Creature Stat Multipliers, and Item Stat Limits. For Beacon Omni users, Beacon 1.3 also adds a Creature Spawn Points editor, which allows adding, removing, or changing the creatures available on any map. All users will also gain the ability to share write and deploy access to their cloud files with other users, a helpful feature for admin teams.

The Creature Spawn Points editor provides a significant increase in Beacon Omni's feature set. Beacon Omni will be receiving more features in the future as well, so the decision has been made to increase the price from $10 to $15. This price change will take effect when Beacon 1.3 launches on January 21st. Until then, users are able to purchase Beacon Omni at the current price of $10. There is no upgrade fee for existing users. All users of Beacon Omni, regardless of when they purchased or how much they paid, will have access to all of Beacon Omni's features.

Ark: Genesis

Rumors are suggesting the launch of Ark: Genesis will be late January or early February. Beacon already has support for the map, assuming the map code has been guessed correctly. As usual, once the DLC is released, Beacon community members will get to work gathering information about what was added so Beacon's database can be updated. When DLC is released, Beacon usually has most engrams and loot sources added on day one, though loot source quality typically suffers until the dev kit is updated. Presets typically stall behind while the community learns more about the new engrams. Expect the same for this DLC.

Happy looting, admins!

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