Introducing Beacon's AI Config Generator

Today I'm proud to introduce a new feature for Beacon: the AI Config Generator tool. Thanks to over 200,000 Ark projects saved to Beacon's cloud, machine learning has been utilized to find common patterns and help make project changes from just a phrase. See it in action:

In the video, entering "fibercraft" tells Beacon to replace setup a fibercraft server, replacing all crafting costs with a single piece of fiber. Some other notable examples include "CoD with dinos" which creates a fibercraft server, "battle royale" which creates a fibercraft server, "faster dinos" creates a fibercraft server since weight won't be a concern, and "10x boosted" creates a fibercraft since players will be able to create at least 10x more stuff from their fiber.

The new AI Config Generator is available right now in the Tools menu of the Beacon 1.6 alphas available at Try it out for yourself!

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