Happy Summer! That Means It’s Time for Beacon’s 2023 Roadmap

A lot of effort is being spent getting ready for Ark: Survival Ascended. But I need to back up a little bit.

I've been working on the fourth version of the Beacon API, which is radically different from the previous versions. Although all versions of the API have been available for public use, none were really designed with that in mind. For example, signing in is done with your email and password, right? But that also means if you wanted to make an app that accessed the data of Beacon users, you would need to collect their email and password. That's a big privacy problem, and something that OAuth solved years ago. So the v4 API uses OAuth 2.1 for authentication. Even the next big Beacon update will use it, meaning the official Beacon app will have access to the same features as a third party app.

I mention this because the v4 API is much easier for me to work with, so the ASA stuff will only be available to the v4 API. That means I have to get it finished quickly, and Beacon updated to use it.

The reason for this big API change is because there's a good chance some developers will want access to new features being added. I've got something new in the works that I'm not ready to announce, but I bet there are developers that will want to produce Discord bots. So it's extremely important I get this new version of the API right.

So this year's update isn't particularly entertaining, but I'm not planning too far out due to ASA coming up soon. I might do another update in the fall or winter when the future is a little more predictable. But for now, the update is kind of boring.

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