Preparing Beacon for Ark: Genesis Part 2

With the launch of Ark: Genesis Part 2 imminent, users are asking when Beacon will gain support. The best I can answer is: soon. Contrary to popular belief, I do not know anything about the launch that the general public does not know. I cannot even begin adding support for Genesis 2 until it launches. However, there is some good news.

First of all, Beacon 1.5 no longer uses hard-coded maps. This means Genesis 2 support can (and will) be added without a software update. However, this also means Beacon and earlier will not receive support for Genesis 2.

Once the update is available to Steam users, the fine data mining team Project Purlovia will work their magic and prepare all the new content. At that point, I'm able to run my scripts and load that new content in Beacon. Beacon should have basic support for Genesis 2 within a few hours of launch. The content will exist and be delivered by a live update, but it'll take some additional time to "polish" the data. This means cleaning up names, adding tags, updating availabilities, and so on. This process will take a few days as players explore the map and we figure out what is what.

Beacon's built-in presets typically lag behind a few weeks. They are tedious to update, so it makes sense to wait until I'm certain the rest of the data is in a good state.

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