Beacon 1.3 Is Now Available

The latest major update to Beacon is now available, bringing plenty of new features for both free and Beacon Omni users.

Free users have access to four major new features: document sharing, stat editing, item stat limiting, and day cycle editing. Omni users also get access to the new spawn point editor, one of the most significant features Beacon has ever included. Included with the new features is a load of bug fixes to improve nearly every aspect of Beacon.

The help section has been updated with five new guides for each of these features, and updates the instructions for adding items to Beacon.

With this launch, the price of Beacon Omni is now $15. This applies to new purchases only; existing Beacon Omni users will not have to purchase an upgrade.

Users can get the update from within Beacon using the blue update bar at the top of Beacon's window, or from the download page.

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