August 2019 Development Update

Hey I keep saying I'll produce more videos and I never do! It's always "after the next update will be a good time." Here's hoping I make the time.

Beacon 1.2.5 is a nice stable version with a couple bugs to be worked out, so the next version 1.2.6 may be the last update to the 1.2 versions of Beacon. I'm waiting until after Wildcard's announcement in case I should make any changes.

Beyond Beacon 1.2 is Beacon 1.3. This one will be significant like 1.2, but mostly due to development changes. I'm taking the opportunity to clean up and transition code to an updated version of my development tool. This is one of those tasks that isn't really visible to the user, but is necessary for maintaining an app. Technical debt can strangle an application at unexpected times, so I'm spending the effort to do some cleanup.

I do still intend to introduce new editors just like I always do with these updates. I have ideas for the spawn point editor that, if I can pull it off, will be as game-changing as Beacon was for loot drop editing. Maybe bigger.

I like to do two Omni editors and one free editor per big update. Spawn point editing will be an Omni feature. I have not decided about the other two yet.

I believe the rumors about Wildcard's announcement being called Ark: Genesis to be correct. If I had to guess, we'll get an announcement soon and a release in November. My schedule for 1.3 depends largely on what happens with Genesis, as I want to have it ready before that launch. Of course, if Genesis launches next week, that won't happen. In that case I would just make a new schedule. There will not a beta of 1.3 for probably another month regardless.

And that's all I've got for now.

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