The Future of Beacon

The title sounds ominous doesn't it? No, Beacon is not going anywhere. But some changes need to be made and I wanted to explain what Beacon's future holds before I start committing changes to the public GitHub repository.

I'll get straight to the point. Costs are piling up and I need a way for Beacon to recover some of those costs.

To that end, starting with Beacon v1.1 I will be introducing something I'm currently calling Beacon Omni. I'm not a huge fan of the codename though, so it may change before release. To be 100% clear, current features in the 1.0 release of Beacon will not go away or become paid features. Loot drop editing, which is Beacon's bread-and-butter, will remain free. Deployments, presets, community document sharing, and every other feature you currently enjoy will remain free. Beacon will also remain exactly as open source as it is today.

Omni will unlock the new configuration types being added to Beacon. All users will be able to use all config types, but Beacon will not generate config lines for configuration types that are locked.

I have not settled on price or model at this time, though I'm pretty confident I'm going to use a traditional "pay once" model.

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