Beacon, Apple Silicon, and Big Sur

Let's cut to the chase: Beacon is ready.

Ok, here's some more specifics. For macOS Big Sur, all versions of Beacon work fine, but Beacon 1.4.6 and newer have minor adjustments to better support Big Sur.

Apple's new computers running Apple Silicon processors also work fine with the current versions of Beacon. They are not native versions for the new hardware, so they will go through the Rosetta translation layer. But this works fine and users won't notice a difference.

Beacon 1.5 is where all the fun will happen. It has received a significant facelift that makes it look much better under Big Sur. It will also be a universal binary, meaning it will contain native versions for both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs. I've already successfully produced a fully functional, signed, and notarized universal version of Beacon 1.5 that runs exactly as expected on Apple Silicon hardware.

Beacon 1.5 beta testing will begin as soon as it's ready.

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