Supported Mods

Beacon supports mods, both officially and unofficially! This page lists the Ark mods that Beacon already supports. If you want to add mod items to your own copy of Beacon, here's how. If you are a mod developer and want to add your mod to Beacon for all users to enjoy, it's pretty simple.

Mod Workshop ID
Aberration 708770
Animals of Atlas 1654255131
Ark Prime 346110
B&B 1848715054
Castles, Keeps, and Forts Remastered 1814953878
Consumable Shop Points 1991535138
Crystal Isles 804312798
Extinction 887380
Genesis 1113410
Kraken's Better Dinos 1565015734
Lethals Reusables 1967741708
Make your ARK easier reloaded 881446972
Primitive+ 508150
Quality Turrets 2076535111
Ragnarok 642250
Scorched Earth 512540
Simple Spawners 1295978823
Super Structures 1999447172
TCs Auto Rewards 1260983937
The Center 473850
Tools and More SoSMod v1.9.2 1772839535
Valguero 1100810
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