Do more with Beacon Omni

Beacon does a lot for free. Loot drops, server control, file sharing, and more. But when it's time to get into more advanced configuration like crafting costs and player experience, then it's time to upgrade to Beacon Omni.

All users of Beacon can use all features, however Omni-only config types will not be included in generated Game.ini and GameUserSettings.ini files.

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Feature Beacon Omni
Nitrado Server Control
Nitrado server owners can allow Beacon to directly control their server, including proper restart timing, config editing, and server settings changes. Support
Import and update config templates with only a few clicks.
FTP Upload and Download
Beacon can use FTP edit your Game.ini and GameUserSettings.ini files right on the server.
Download Community Beacon Files
Download Beacon files created by other users to make getting started with custom loot easier.
Create Community Beacon Files
Share your creation with the world to serve as a starting point for others.
Breeding Multipliers
Adjust any of the breeding-related multipliers with realtime display of their effects on Ark's creatures and their imprint times.
Day and Night Cycle
Change the length of Ark's days and nights using minutes instead of multipliers.
Decay and Spoil
Change and preview item decay, decomposition, and spoil times.
General Settings
Beacon has support for nearly every setting available to Ark servers.
Item Stat Limits
Globally limit item stats to precise admin-defined amounts, just like official servers.
Loot Drops
Beacon's original purpose, editing loot drops, is what it does best.
Stat Multipliers
Change the stats of players, wild creatures, and tamed creatures.
Crafting Costs
Change the cost of any craftable item in Ark.
Creature Adjustments
Adjust creature-specific damage and vulnerability multipliers, replace creatures with others, or disable specific creatures entirely.
Creature Spawns
Add, remove, or change the creatures available on any map. Want to add lots of Featherlights to The Island, or put one really high level Pteranodon on Aberration? It's possible.
Engram Control
Change when engrams are unlockable, if they auto-unlock, and the number of engram points awarded each level. Beacon's powerful wizard allows users to instantly build full engram designs, such as auto-unlocking everything except tek items at spawn.
Harvest Rates
Change the harvest multiplier for any harvestable item in the game. Tip: this is a great way to improve server performance.
Levels and XP
Control max level and the experience curve for both players and tamed dinos.
Stack Sizes
Ark finally allows admins to customize stack sizes, so Beacon Omni has an editor ready to go.
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