CI Ark Cluster 4.2c
By Darkblood (18BR)#feee316a


This is the set of loot sources used in CI PVE cluster. We currently run Island/Ragnarok/Center/Extinction but we cycle in other maps. This file modifies all official loot drops so should be applicable to any map that uses those drops (has been tested successfully in “The Volcano” and “Crystal Isles”).
The set includes items from some mods: - Weapons from Castles and Keeps (CKF) mod; - Weapons and Armor from Steampunk mod; - Consumables from Dino Aid mod; - Structures from S+;
- Rare Sightings Mod rare dino and alpha dino loot is modified. But it should be fine if you don't use this mods (the items from the mods will just not spawn). It is aimed at PVE and assumes a cluster (you will get aberration items and saddles on any map, for instance) and no item spawns above “Ascendant” level (as defined in Beacon). Whenever possible I tried to make loot chests interesting and diverse (e.g. You get a better chance at Fur Armor in ice caves, and better Ghillie at the Swamp cave; Surface Drops on Aberration are ideal for Aberration-exclusive saddles). Armor, weapons, saddles, consumables, structures, materials and skins can show up. Overall chance for blueprints is 5%, but that is raised to 20% in dangerous locations. The drops are largely based on the presets that come with Beacon, with heavy modification.

Update Notes:
4.1: Spurious Prim+ items removed;
Enforcers and Scout Drones removed (they do not use the qualities set).
4.2: Included Rare Sightings Mod loot.


Maps: The Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, The Center, and Ragnarok

Platforms: PC

Uses Mods: Aberration, Ark Prime, Extinction, Scorched Earth, Super Structures, and one or more mods not listed with Beacon.

Contains Configs: Loot Drop Contents


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